Feb 092014

The good news is that the flood waters have receded and we believe the clubhouse will be accessible for the club run on Thursday. Parking will be limited however as the parking beyond the club is still underwater, so if you can run down or car share then great, or if you have an Advantage Card please use that for free parking after 7 in the Romney Lock car park (the main car park on the left before you get to the sports clubs). If anything changes it will be posted here, Facebook and via e-mail.

May 012013

Owing to the closure of Home Park for the Horse Show next week we will be doing the beginners session on The Long Walk near the castle. If you’re unsure of the area please click this link for a map of where it is, plus details of the nearest public car parks.

Jan 122013

Datchet Dashers Annual Race Statistics
2012 2011 2010 2009 2008
Number Of Races 1525 1014 887 758 737
Total Time 1404:39:42 914:40:22 873:15:09 740:44:03 736:33:49
Total Kilometres 16196.92 10848.01 10253.28 8566.84 8792.40
Total Mileage 10123.08 6780.01 6408.30 5354.28 5495.25
Average Race Time 0:55:16 0:54:07 0:59:04 0:58:38 0:59:58
Average Race Distance KM 10.62 km 10.70 km 11.56 km 11.3 km 11.93 km
Anerage Race Distance Miles 6.64 miles 6.69 miles 7.22 Miles 7.06 miles 7.46 miles
Average Race Pace Min/KM 05:12 05:04 05:07 05:11 05:02
Average Race Pace Min/Mile 08:20 08:06 08:11 08:18 08:03
Average 5k Time 0:25:20 0:24:35 0:26:09 0:25:16 0:24:01
Average 5 Mile Time 0:37:17 0:35:04 0:36:51 0:37:48 0:39:44
Average 10k Time 0:48:28 0:47:21 0:49:13 0:49:01 0:48:10
Average 10 Mile Time 1:16:33 1:15:44 1:15:23 1:17:10 1:18:27
Average Half Marathon Time 1:46:39 1:45:49 1:47:10 1:50:49 1:46:47
Average Marathon Time 3:57:59 4:04:00 3:48:38 4:02:37 3:46:07

New Club Records in 2012
FV45 Janet Binns
FV55 Barbara Allen (4 times)
Valerie Williams (5 times)
FV65 Jackie Stallwood (4 times)
MV80 Rachhpal Bath
5 Miles
MV40 Philip Jones
FV45 Cherry Key
FV55 Barbara Allen
10 Km
FV45 Janet Binns
FV65 Jackie Stallwood
10 Miles
FV55 Barbara Allen
MV70 Jim Butcher
Half Marathon
FV45 Janet Binns (twice)
FV55 Barbara Allen
Susan Todd
MV80 Rachhpal Bath
20 Miles
MS Rob Foster
MV40 Andrew Cooney

Leading Times in 2012
MS Thomas Stevens 0:16:24 FS Catherine Lees 0:21:42
MV40 David McNally 0:17:15 FV35 Joanna Griffiths 0:21:22
MV50 Chris Hunt 0:19:50 FV45 Janet Binns 0:21:33
MV60 Mike May 0:23:38 FV55 Valerie Williams 0:24:30
MV70 Jim Butcher 0:29:15 FV65 Jacqueline Stallwood 0:26:31
MV80 Rachhpal Bath 0:34:57 FV75
5 Miles
MS David Lee 0:26:51 FS Nicola Way 0:34:13
MV40 Philip Jones 0:29:19 FV35 Joanna Griffiths 0:35:57
MV50 Michael Hill 0:34:18 FV45 Cherry Key 0:40:54
MV60 Mike May 0:38:56 FV55 Barbara Allen 0:41:38
MV70 Jim Butcher 0:47:04 FV65
MS Alexander Miller 0:33:08 FS Andrea Georghiou 0:41:56
MV40 Robert Hudson 0:38:15 FV35 Joanna Griffiths 0:43:38
MV50 Chris Hunt 0:41:52 FV45 Janet Binns 0:45:37
MV60 Ian Spencer 0:45:31 FV55 Barbara Allen 0:50:51
MV70 Jim Butcher 0:59:39 FV65 Jacqueline Stallwood 0:56:00
10 Miles
MS Alexander Miller 0:55:04 FS Nicola Way 1:07:20
MV40 Robert Hudson 1:03:36 FV35 Joanna Griffiths 1:11:42
MV50 Chris Hunt 1:07:22 FV45 Lorraine Johnson 1:23:11
MV60 Mike May 1:18:06 FV55 Barbara Allen 1:28:43
MV70 Jim Butcher 1:39:26 FV65 Jacqueline Stallwood 1:36:11
Half Marathon
MS Alexander Miller 1:13:29 FS Andrea Georghiou 1:34:07
MV40 Andrew Cooney 1:14:45 FV35 Sarah Lester 1:37:51
MV50 Chris Hunt 1:28:32 FV45 Janet Binns 1:32:52
MV60 Peter Todd 1:46:04 FV55 Susan Todd 1:49:07
MV70 Rachhpal Bath 2:40:26 FV65
MV80 Rachhpal Bath 3:13:26 FV75
MS Guy Bowles 2:43:58 FS Jenny Guy 3:45:31
MV40 Philip Jones 2:50:28 FV35 Julie Humphries 3:37:13
MV50 Chris Hunt 3:12:56 FV45 Janet Binns 3:26:11
MV60 Mike May 4:18:31 FV55
MV70 FV65
Dec 182012

For those looking for some festive exercise Brent Curless, Mike May and Gary Mash invite you to join them in their traditional Xmas morning run. 9.00am, 25th December by The Castle Gates at the top of The Long Walk for a run to The Copper Horse and back.

On Boxing Day there is a Freedom Run on the Black Park parkrun course at 9:30. It will be timed so don’t forget your barcode, but it won’t count for parkrun PBs or shirt counts, it’s just a social run for the Black Park parkrun family. The cafe will be open.

Parkrun events will be open as normal on Saturday 29th December, then on New Year’s Day there will be an extra official parkrun at Black Park at 9:30. Be there or be in bed with a sore head.

Sep 112012

The new route for the Paddle is shown below. We’ll be starting near Bishopsgate;enter the park at Bishopsgate, turn left at the crossroads, and continue about 400m to the first junction.

The loop is about 4.35 miles, so the total distance of the run will be ~8.7m.

The race is on October 28th, with the exact time to be confirmed.

Paddle loop

Click the image for a larger version.

Jun 162012

The club will be closed on Tuesday 19th June because of the Handy Cross 5k. If for whatever reason you have not received details of the Handy Cross race via e-mail please get in touch and we will forward the race instructions.

Jun 062012

As a change to our published schedule on Thursday 7th June we’ve decided to run the Windsor Great Park Dash 10k course instead so that people get chance to learn it.

As running this route from the club is a somewhat longer run than usual at around 10.5 miles we have two options:
1. If you feel running from the club is too far then please go directly to the White Gates on The Long Walk for 7:30.
2. If you’re happy to do the full distance from the club then the club will be open as usual but we will be leaving promptly at 7:15, and if you’re a slower runner please leave slightly earlier so that we’re all at the White Gates at around the same time.

We’ll then run the Dash course starting from the White Gates rather than the official start which is slightly longer at around 10.4k or 6.5 miles. Road shoes will be fine unless it has been exceptionally wet, and even then there are actually only a couple of short stretches that may be slippery.

There is a map of the route here.