Jan 242015

Ladies Champion Trophy
1st Zena Phillips
2nd Emma Buckley
3rd Helen Jones-Totays
4th Monika Revesz
5th Alison Jessopp

Ladies Veteran Champion
Helen Jones-Totays

Men’s Champion Trophy
1st David Lee
2nd Philip Jones
3rd Chris Hunt
4th Steven Ilott
5th Paul Woolley

Mens Veteran Champion
Philip Jones

Age Graded Championship
1st Ian Spencer
2nd Robin Smith
3rd Philip Jones
4th Robert MacMillan
5th David Lee

Julia Martin Heaven Trophy for most improved lady
Contenders – Alison Jessopp, Emma Buckley
Winner – Monika Revesz

Terry Purser Trophy for most improved man
Contenders – Derek Sprenger, Joe Nolan, Ben Simpson, James Samson
Winner – Robert MacMillan

Hannah Wheeler Merit Trophy
Rob Foster

Harry Trigg Dasher Of The Year Trophy
David Priddy

Jan 242015

2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008
Number Of Races 2688 2085 1526 1014 887 758 737
Total Time 2211:33:40 1853:38:34 1417:23:42 914:40:22 873:15:09 740:44:03 736:33:49
Total Kilometres 24708.50 20803.27 16276.92 10848.01 10253.28 8566.84 8792.40
Total Mileage 15442.81 13002.04 10173.08 6780.01 6408.30 5354.28 5495.25
Average Race Time 0:49:22 0:53:21 0:55:44 0:54:07 0:59:04 0:58:38 0:59:58
Average Race Distance KM 9.19 km 9.98 km 10.67 km 10.70 km 11.56 km 11.3 km 11.93 km
Average Race Distance Miles 5.75 miles 6.24 miles 6.67 miles 6.69 miles 7.22 Miles 7.06 miles 7.46 miles
Average Race Pace Min/KM 05:22 05:21 05:13 05:04 05:07 05:11 05:02
Average Race Pace Min/Mile 08:36 08:33 08:22 08:06 08:11 08:18 08:03
Average 5k Time 0:25:22 0:25:11 0:25:20 0:24:35 0:26:09 0:25:16 0:24:01
Average 5 Mile Time 0:38:32 0:39:10 0:37:17 0:35:04 0:36:51 0:37:48 0:39:44
Average 10k Time 0:49:04 0:48:36 0:48:28 0:47:21 0:49:13 0:49:01 0:48:10
Average 10 Mile Time 1:22:51 1:21:25 1:16:33 1:15:44 1:15:23 1:17:10 1:18:27
Average Half Marathon Time 1:48:17 1:51:02 1:46:39 1:45:49 1:47:10 1:50:49 1:46:47
Average Marathon Time 3:59:22 4:08:55 3:57:59 4:04:00 3:48:38 4:02:37 3:46:07

Leading Times in 2014
MS Thomas Stevens 0:15:33 FS Zena Phillips 0:19:36
MV40 Guy Bowles 0:17:11 FV35 Claire Cann 0:20:41
MV50 Robin Smith 0:18:43 FV45 Julie Humphries 0:21:33
MV60 Michael Hill 0:20:22 FV55 Janet Binns 0:21:09
MV70 Ian Spencer 0:21:56 FV65 Jackie Stallwood 0:27:16
MV80 Rachhpal Bath 0:35:36 FV75
5 Miles
MS James Samson 0:25:48 FS Catherine Foster 0:37:28
MV40 Philip Jones 0:30:09 FV35 Claire Cann 0:34:57
MV50 Robin Smith 0:30:47 FV45 Cherry Key 0:41:57
MV60 Anthony Curtin 0:34:40 FV55 Barbara Allen 0:41:50
MV70 James Butcher 0:47:58 FV65 Jackie Stallwood 0:45:53
MS Alexander Miller 0:32:25 FS Zena Phillips 0:40:18
MV40 Matthew Whitehouse 0:36:57 FV35 Emma Humphrey 0:40:56
MV50 Robin Smith 0:39:07 FV45 Susan Tansey 0:49:30
MV60 Michael Hill 0:42:02 FV55 Yvonne Olney 0:48:28
MV70 Ian Spencer 0:43:23 FV65 Jackie Stallwood 0:56:03
MV80 Rachhpal Bath 1:14:26 FV75
10 Miles
MS Alexander Miller 0:55:22 FS Catherine Foster 1:13:21
MV40 Guy Bowles 0:58:45 FV35 Emma Humphrey 1:12:04
MV50 David Priddy 1:08:52 FV45 Pam Jackson 1:23:35
MV60 Michael Hill 1:10:41 FV55 Yvonne Olney 1:21:56
MV70 Ian Spencer 1:14:12 FV65 Jackie Stallwood 1:37:12
Half Marathon
MS Alexander Miller 1:11:10 FS Zena Phillips 1:32:11
MV40 Andrew Cooney 1:20:00 FV35 Lucy Buckby 1:32:20
MV50 Robin Smith 1:21:36 FV45 Bella Shah 1:55:06
MV60 Michael Hill 1:37:37 FV55 Janet Binns 1:36:12
MV70 Ian Spencer 1:38:26 FV65 Jackie Stallwood 2:21:59
MS Thomas Stevens 2:26:04 FS Zena Phillips 3:26:29
MV40 Matthew Whitehouse 2:58:35 FV35 Laura Fales 3:39:23
MV50 Robin Smith 3:04:52 FV45 Pam Jackson 4:05:02
MV60 Michael Hill 3:36:53 FV55 Janet Binns 3:25:07

New Club Records in 2014
FV55 Janet Binns (twice)
MS Alexander Miller & Thomas Stevens
MV70 Ian Spencer
5 Miles
FV35 Claire Cann
MS Alexander Miller & James Samson
MV50 Robin Smith
10 Km
FV35 Emma Humphrey
FV55 Yvonne Olney
MV70 Ian Spencer (twice)
10 Miles
FV55 Yvonne Olney
MV70 Ian Spencer
Half Marathon
FV55 Janet Binns (twice)
MV50 Robin Smith
MV70 Ian Spencer
20 Miles
FS Zena Phillips
FV55 Sunita Dawett & Yvonne Olney
FV55 Yvonne Olney & Janet Binns
MS Thomas Stevens (twice)
Dec 312014

Huge congratulations to Dasher Jasmine Flatters for her award of an MBE in the New Years Honours List for services to triathlon. Jasmine was one of the founder members of Datchet Dashers and the first club Chair, and whilst her running career ended some time ago she was made an Honorary club member and has always stayed in touch with the club. Many of you will know her as the organiser of the London Marathon drink station, (and you’ll see her in the old club photograph on the wall in the clubhouse).

What you may not be aware of however is what she has achieved within triathlon. Locally Jasmine was involved in starting the Windsor Triathlon where she been race director for many years, but she has also been a GB age group team manager and a technical delegate at ITU events worldwide. In 2000 she became the first woman to be appointed to the Executive Board of British Triathlon, before being elected Chair from 2004 to 2007 where she led the modernisation of the sport’s organisation, paving the way for the success that British triathlon has had in recent years. She was also instrumental in the bid process for the London 2012 Olympics, culminating in her leading a team of 600 as Triathlon Services Manager at the games themselves. In 2013 she won the International Triathlon Union Women’s Committee Award of Excellence. Basically short of winning a medal herself there isn’t much in Triathlon that Jasmine hasn’t done, and this recognition is well deserved after 20+ years of dedication to the sport.


May 142014

A quick reminder that the club is closed on Thursday 15th May owing to the Windsor Horse Show.

It is also closed on Tuesday 20th May owing to the Cookham 5k. The beginners class will still be going ahead as usual at 6:45, but there will not be a regular club training session.

May 022014

There will be no regular training session on Tuesday 6th May owing to the first round of the Thames Valley 5k Summer Series.
The beginners class will however be going ahead as usual at 6:45 from the club.

Feb 092014

The good news is that the flood waters have receded and we believe the clubhouse will be accessible for the club run on Thursday. Parking will be limited however as the parking beyond the club is still underwater, so if you can run down or car share then great, or if you have an Advantage Card please use that for free parking after 7 in the Romney Lock car park (the main car park on the left before you get to the sports clubs). If anything changes it will be posted here, Facebook and via e-mail.